Buyer Support Program

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If you are looking to buy a yacht and are planning to reduce the cost of ownership through chartering, it is vital that you choose the right yacht to start with.

With our experience of chartering yachts, we know what works.

What’s Included?

  • Yacht Advice – free advice on charter trends and which models and layouts are the  most popular with charterers to help you maximize your return on  investment.
  • Yacht Finder – free access to our list of recommended yachts currently available for sale through carefully selected yacht broker partners.
  • Coding Service – a complete service to ensure your yacht complies with regulations for commercial charters.
  • Priority enrollment on Managed Yacht Charter programs – if you choose us to manage your yacht charters, we will ensure you benefit from priority promotion of your new yacht to our database.

Who Is it For?

This service is ideal for those looking to buy a yacht with the intention of generating additional income through yacht chartering with us.


Advice and consultation is completely free – our goal is to help you choose the ideal yacht for chartering in South Florida which will enable you to maximize your return on investment.

Coding costs depend on the age and existing equipment on board. We are happy to provide advice or guidance before purchase, and a full quote to get your boat coded after purchase.

If you are thinking about buying a yacht to charter out, don’t do anything, until you have spoken to us!

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