Boat Weekly Wash Program

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Keeping a clean and crisp exterior by using quality cleaning and protective products is the best defense against unanticipated expenses. You cannot do the cleaning of huge vessel on your own, which gobbles up thousands of dollars at a time. You need some professional assistance to make your boat shine new.

Aquamen Group recommends to wash your boat once a week or on a two-week interval for its proper maintenance. To make your boat wash weekly program hassle-free, you can let our team work for you. They are  professional and detail-oriented, and they will interpret your personal  requirements and take the proper care of your vessel as their top  priority. Get the details of our boat weekly wash program or other boat care services like washing, waxing, polishing, painting, or detailing by appointment.

Why Do I Need a Weekly Boat Wash Program?

Once you get back to the dock after a long day on the water, the last thing you want to do is spend anymore time cleaning up your boat. Sometimes giving your boat a cleaner look is a hassle but cleaning is crucial to protect your investment. Otherwise, the salt, sand or even fish blood that sits for too long can eat away all your boat gelcoat or metal surfaces.

Our weekly boat wash program will help you get rid of the arduous task of doing it yourself. The Aquamen Group team will visit your boat weekly and perform a detailed wash, soaking the boat from bow to stern, and leaving it with a shammy finish.

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