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Choose The Quickest Way to Disinfect your Boat

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the world overnight. Everyone is paying a lot more attention to who they have contact with and what they touch with their hands. Germs are left behind on  everything we touch, and some things are touched often. Even worse, people can be contagious for days before they even show any symptoms, potentially spreading the virus in every place they go.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself and others from contagion. As always, the best way to protect yourself is to wash your  hands with soap and water.

For places like your boat, professional sanitizing is the fastest way to disinfect all surfaces. Most importantly, it is effective, providing it is done right.

Fast and Effective Disinfecting

There are good ways to disinfect surfaces you touch the most, but many of them are labor intensive, using messy bleach-based solutions. Even worse, without proper protective equipment,  you run the risk of exposing yourself to the germs you are trying to get rid of.

Professional sanitizing of your entire boat can be done by our trained staff in a fraction of the time that it would take  to do manually. The difference is that we use fogging, a method by which the disinfectant is aerosolized into tiny droplets to coat every surface.

We offer:

  • Sporicide fogging and disinfecting of exposed surfaces in the home or office.
  • Sporicide fogging and disinfecting for air ducts.

Benefits for the Home

Professional disinfecting is not something that most boat owners undertake every day. This service can be especially useful if one of  your loved ones has been ill, or if you are concerned that someone who recently visited your boat may have been exposed. Step aside and let our professional team ensure that every surface is sanitized and disinfected.

Safety is Our First Priority

The sporicide we use is an EPA registered disinfectant  solution, designed for use in health care facilities and other areas  that require extensive disinfecting and sanitizing. It is germicidal and  will effectively sanitize all surfaces. It is also EPA rated as low toxicity, so safe for your family, pets, or employees. Most importantly, we only use sanitizing solutions approved by the EPA as likely to be  effective against COVID-19.

Aquamen Group cares highly about safety, both for our customers and our employees. Our technicians are outfitted with the  necessary personal protective equipment, including a filtered face mask, to do the job correctly and safely.

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